Terry Peterson

Terry Peterson, St Louis REALTORS



100 Chesterfield Business Parkway Suite 200 Chesterfield, MO 63005

I have been selling real estate for 40 years and serviced these neighborhoods for… BLABLABLABLABLA.

Are you asleep yet?

I am a professional marketer & facilitator that happens to be in the real estate business.

  • I don’t sell my clients homes, I help them make a smart investment decision in the purchase of their home.
  • I don’t help my clients sell their homes, I maximize their homes’ exposure online and offline so they can garner top dollar.
  • I don’t sell real estate, I help my clients navigate the process of a real estate transaction through my knowledge and service.

I am not here to tell you about how many awards I’ve won or how many completed transactions we have done in the past 11 years because this is not about us. It is about you and most likely the largest financial transaction you’ll ever make.

My approach to real estate is much different than you’d expect.  My team and I provide you more than assistance on a transaction, but a new experience. 

You see, the way real estate is bought and sold has changed more in the past 10 years than in the previous 100! The Internet has changed the way consumers search for and receive information on real estate. Prior to the Internet, consumers HAD to use a Realtor.


Because Realtors controlled access to all the information on properties for sale.

To buy a house, you used to need a Realtor.

To sell a house, you used to need a Realtor.

Not anymore, the Internet changed everything.  Anyone can list their home online today without a Realtor and search for properties from the comfort of their kitchen table or living room couch. The truth is you don’t need a Realtor today, but having a good one makes the difference between a smart buying or selling decision.


Buying or selling a house is a major financial decision that I would never recommend doing blindly.  No computer, robot, or software will ever replace human interaction or experience!  The most important piece of advice I would give you is that NOT ALL AGENTS ARE CREATED EQUAL.  The key to making a wise financial buying or selling decision is who you have advising you.

The size of a team, nor the number of agents on a team, determines the quality of the agent or team.  I pride myself on “Concierge Service”.  When you decide to work with me, you work with me.  Not someone, or several someones, I have trained that do not have the passion nor accountability to you that I have.

I take an education-based approach to real estate in virtually everything I do.  I am here to hold your hand, teach you, and serve your upcoming real estate needs.