Tim Jeffries

Tim Jeffries



3636 South Geyer Road Suite 100 St Louis, MO 63127

I have been married since 2003 and have 3 grown kids. Since 2012, I have worked for the City of St.Louis Building Division. as a building inspector and as a supervisor since 2018. I am a member of MABOI (Missouri Association of Building Officials and Inspectors), the St Louis REALTORS® Association, Missouri REATLORS® Association, and the National Association of REALTORS®.

Prior to my work as a building inspector, I was a firefighter for about 7 years with the city of St Louis, then spent a period of time "flipping" homes.  For the homes I flipped, I primarily focused on the south St Louis city and county areas and would purchase them, do the rehab and then resell them.  

I have long had an interest in real estate and have wanted to become an agent for a long time.  I finally pulled the trigger in 2020 and did just that!  I look forward to the opporutnity to help others achieve their real estate goals using the skills and experience I've gained along the way from my past flipping homes as well as the result of being a building inspector.  

Thank yuou.