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Giuseppe Accardi



3636 S. Geyer Road - Ste 100 St Louis, MO. 63127

Giuseppe Accardi is a licensed agent with over 5 years of experience in the greater St. Louis Market. His interest in Real Estate started at a young age growing up involved in the business. From the many “fix & flip” home rehab projects to his mother being a full-time broker-agent all of his life, he has experienced the many different roles involved with Real Estate. Given this upbringing, Giuseppe is well-versed in many facets of the industry. Operating with loyalty on the forefront he has worked over 150+ deals in his tenure as an agent, and while doing so has experienced the ups and downs of an ever-changing Real Estate market. 

Giuseppe prides himself on communication and places importance on making sure his clients are not only comfortable throughout the entirety of the process but also receive a lasting education on home buying/selling. Buying his first home at a young age he is fully aware of the uneasy nature that is placing your trust in a single individual to guide you through the biggest purchase of your life to date. With that in mind, Giuseppe leaves no stone unturned and does a great job of laying out the expectations upfront. 

Giuseppe is a proud member of the St. Louis Association of REALTORS® and as a part of this community, he enjoys keeping up with all things pertaining to local law & legislature. Not only is he active with the local Association, Giuseppe also enjoys attending roundtable discussions, industry-leader-led conferences, and third-party product training (i.e. home inspectors/surveying companies) all of which help sharpen his skills and keep him one step ahead of the market. 

In his free time, Giuseppe enjoys quality time spent with friends and family. He has a passion for personal fitness and loves all things outdoors. While working as a Realtor Giuseppe will also spend time on home investment projects of his own.

Please call Giuseppe anytime without obligation to discuss your next home sale or purchase. Giuseppe will lead you through a successful process with not only your dollar in mind but also your overall experience! 


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