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3636 South Geyer Road Suite 100 St Louis, MO 63127

Born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri. Bridgeton has been my home for 22 years. My mission is to match my clients with their perfect dream home while providing a level of professionalism and transparent communication that goes above and beyond expectations! During my senior year in college, I sold 6 homes while driving back and forth from Westminster College to St. Louis every weekend and during the week between classes and football practice, working on each transaction. Now working full-time, serving the community, especially through real estate and has been my biggest priority and I've loved every second of it!  

My expansive network provides my clients with great resources, especially when it comes time to prep their homes to list. My network is full of business owners,  professional athletes (MLB, NFL, and NHL),  politicians, contractors, painters...and many more! 

With a connection to Branneky Hardware as the 5th generation, the Branneky name has been strongly serving the community since 1857! Whether it's hardware or real estate, the Branneky family is always here to help! 

--Tim Branneky, REALTOR®