St Louis Real Estate Market 2016 Recap and Forecast for 2017

The St Louis real estate market performed very well this past year, with home sales and prices on the rise throughout the area!  So, will this continue in 2017?  Will home prices and sales continue to increase in St Louis?  Is now the time to buy or sell?  Find the answers to these questions, as well as a whole lot more, in our St Louis Real Estate Market 2016 Recap and 2017 Forecast Video below.

There is a lot to digest in the video above, but our team of real estate professionals are here to help!  We use data and information like whats in the video to stay on top of the market and to help educate and advise our clients so that they can make informed and wise decisions.  

If you are considering buying or selling a home or condo, why take chances and just pick an agent hoping they know what our agents at MORE know? Agents at MORE, REALTORS are highly trained and have market data, like we have shared here, along with loads of other resources, information and data, that other real estate companies don't have!

How can we make this claim?  

It's simple!  For years we tried to find good, accurate sources of market data that was reported in a clear and concise way, making it easy for agents and clients to benefit from it and not just "high-level" data, like for the St Louis MSA, but for the subdivisions, neighborhoods and areas our clients live in, or want to live in.  The truth is, we couldn't find it, so we developed our own proprietary software to do it.  We obtain data straight from MARIS, the REALTOR MLS which serves the St Louis REALTORS, St Charles County REALTORS, Jefferson County REALTORs, Franklin County REALTORS and more, and then compile it and produce easy to comprehend charts, tables, lists and reports.

YOU can have access to our data too!

That's right, if you are so inclined you can access some of the same data our agents have access to!  Remember, we are only a click or call away to help, but feel free to check out our St Louis market data on your own.

STL Market Report

St. Louis Real Estate Market ReportsThese market reports, created by MORE, REALTORS, have St Louis home and condo prices, sales and other data available at the MSA, County, City and Zip level.  The data includes St Louis home and condo sales data and prices for the most recent 12 month period, as well as for the prior 12 month period, showing the difference between the two periods.  The report also shows price per foot of homes and condos sold, or currently on the market as well as the inventory and supply of listings for sale in the selected market.  You can access these reports at or click the sample report to the right.

STL Market Charts

St. Louis Real Estate Market ChartsThese market charts, also created by MORE, REALTORS, like the STL Market Report above, have St Louis home and condo prices, sales and other data available at the MSA, County, City and Zip level but also have it for subdivisions, neighborhoods, or, with it's map tool, any area you draw! The data results are presented in an easy to view live chart with a table below showing the data.  These charts can be selected for any time period from today to as far back as 10 years ago!  Try to find this information anywhere other than MORE, REALTORS!  You can access these reports at or click the sample chart to the right.