So, how's the market?

The professional at MORE, REALTORS® realize there is a lot of information on the internet today for home buyers and sellers and in fact there is so much information many St. Louis home buyers and sellers find themselves in "information overload".  If you are a buyer you want to make sure you are buying a home at the best price and not overpaying and, if you are a seller, you want to be sure you are selling your home for maximum value within a reasonable time frame. 

But, what is the best price to buy or sell a house in St. Louis for? What is the value of the St Louis home or condo you are looking to buy or sell?  Is it the Zestimate® from Zillow?®  The appraised value from the county assessor?  Is it what the similar home down the street sold for last year or the asking price of the one across the street now?  Is it what the REALTOR® down the street tells you he or she thinks? Well, you may get lucky and one of these may actually be close however, if you don't feel like gambling with an investment of this size, you can turn to us, MORE, REALTORS, to get the most accurate and up to date information on the St Louis real estate market as well as counseling and advice from a true, real estate professional on how to interpret the data and apply it to your situation.  We have, and present St Louis real estate market data, including St. Louis home prices, the average time to sell a house in St. Louis, the inventory of homes for sale in St. Louis and much, much more. 

St. Louis Real Estate Market Real-Time Market Data

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