New Town at St. Charles Real Estate

New Town is a planned community in St. Charles County that, since it beginning in 2003, has been getting national attention as a result of the new-urbanism design of the development featuring walkable, densley population, mixed-use neighborhoods.  New Town is planned for about 10 phases and expected to take well over a decade to complete, but will eventually encompass some 755 acres and have approximately 5,700 homes, condos and apartments.

The New Town at St. Charles community combines New Urbanism with Traditional neighborhood design.  So the streets are laid out in a city-grid fashion, very similar to older cities such as old Town St Charles, or the city of St Louis, and are designed to be densely populated and in sharp contrast to many other areas of St Charles County which are much more suburban in nature.  The New Town community offers lakes for fishing, canoeing and kayaking as well as parks, walking trails, restaurants, shops and more!

New Town Area (63301) Real Estate Market Snapshot

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