A Virtual Open House with 3D Property Tour Available to Buyers 24 Hours a day, 7 days a week!

It's no secret that homebuyers are online today, searching for homes for sale long before they speak with a real estate agent or look at the homes.  Homebuyers take advantage of the internet and today's technology to easily review dozens and dozens, and for some buyers hundreds, of listings online, culling down the list to the few they may venture out to see.  

This is why high quality photos have become vital but is also why smart and savvy real estate agents and sellers use Matterport's 3d Showcase, with a 3d property tour, a virtual reality type experience,  to create an online experience for homebuyers that is unique and makes it easy for them to really appreciate the home and get a feel for it, even online.  In addition, there is a Dollhouse view that allows a potential homebuyer to really put things in perspective.  

Statistics show that, when Matterport's 3d Showcase (3d Property Tour) is used to present a listing online, potential homebuyers are 95% more likely to call on the listing and are 300% more engaged when viewing it.

Below is a sample of a listing here in St Louis that utilized Matterport's 3d Showcase and, even though priced over $1 Million, and priced higher than any home had ever sold for in it's subdivision, sold in 10 days (to an out of town buyer) for over 96% of the original list price!

For more information, a price quote or to schedule a filming, please contact:

Matthew Bennett, St Louis Matterport

Matthew Bennett