St. Louis New Homes For Sale

St. Louis new homes and condos come in a variety of shapes, sizes and in very diverse neighborhoods.  The St Louis builder community is dominated by local builders with national builders having very little presence, sort of an anomily for metro areas around the U.S. but consistent with the "small town" nature of St Loius.  

Like everywhere else in the U.S., St Louis buidlers suffered during the housing market downturn that began in late 2007 however, it has begun to recover and new home construction has picked up and now builders are building again and St Louis new homes for sale are increasing in inventory.

Be represented by someone that KNOWS the St Louis new home buisiness!

Many buyers make the mistake of showing up at display homes and talking with sales people that are present representing the builder end up establishing rapport with that person and ultimately buy a house direct from the builder's salesperson (sometimes thinking this will even save them money).  Don't make this mistake!  Not only is buying a home the biggest investment most people will make, but buying a NEW HOME is a much more complicated matter and, while done right it's a great experience, there are many things that can go wrong and things buyer's need to be protected from.  Don't get us wrong, most of the St Louis homebuilders that have survived the downturn are very good companies run by good people and many of the salespeople are fine too, however, an important thing to remember is if you do not have a BUYERS AGENT you ARE NOT represented...the salesperson (or agent) you are working with is likely representing the SELLERS INTEREST (the builder) and NOT YOURS.  Normally you don't pay directly for any representation as your buyers agent would be paid out of commission being offered by the builder, so why go it alone?  

Our St Louis baed firm has brokers and agents with extensive experience in new home sales!  In fact, one of our partners, Dennis Norman, has extensive experience as a St Louis developer and builder, having built millions of dollars of new homes, condo's and town homes in the St Louis area, including some of St. Louis' most elegant homes in Clayton and Ladue.

Let our experience help your new home buying experience be a GREAT ONE! Click here and let us help you

St Louis New Homes For Sale